Cultural, Exquisite and Enhancing

  • Flying Mullion for Uninterrupted Opening
  • Unbeatable Security from Yale
  • Part B Compliant, Fire Escape
  • Unprecedented uPVC Profile
  • Capable of WER +14 Energy Ratings
  • High Performance Weather Proofing
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French Casement Windows Skegness

Add a French touch to your Skegness home with our French Casement Windows. These uPVC windows are designed with a flying mullion, providing panoramic views of the outside. This mullion doesn't compromise on the excellent security, thermal performance and weatherproofing capabilities these windows provide.

We use the market-leading Liniar and the world-class shootbolt locking from Yale in our French Casement Windows. This means you can enjoy the highest quality window for your Skegness home that outclasses similar styles. You'll help protect your property from modern burglary methods.

Through investing in our French Casement Windows for your Skegness home, you'll be upgrading your property. These windows are relatively low maintenance to upkeep. The only maintenance you'll have to carry out is to give the window an occasional wipe down with a damp cloth, maintaining the good-as-new look.

Features and Benefits

Unobstructed Views

Our French Casement Windows will carry the mullion on one of the window sashes. The flying mullion feature means the Skegness homeowner can enjoy unobstructed views throughout the year. It also means this window can offer maximum ventilation.

Fire Escape

As there isn't a fixed mullion, our French Casement Windows can be used as fire escapes. These uPVC windows are Part B compliant and been tested as a fire escape in all habitable rooms. This allows the window to achieve a harmony between both function and form.

Easy To Clean

The Skegness homeowner can choose easy-clean hinges for their French Casement Windows. This greatly reduces the maintenance required. The uPVC profile itself is low maintenance, needing only an occasional wipe with a damp cloth to maintain the good-as-new look.

French Touch

Our French Casement Windows offer a cost-effective and accessible way to bring a taste of France to your Skegness home. These windows feature a beautiful aesthetic that is both elegant and stylish. By choosing this design, you'll enjoy a truly stunning window.

Recyclable Design

Our French Casement Windows are manufactured using a 100% lead-free recyclable design. British made,  any excess material created during manufacturing is recycled. This ensures our windows are not detrimental to the environment, or the economy.

Lowering Energy Bills

As we use a modern uPVC profile, our French Casement Windows will save the Skegness homeowner money. Pockets of warm air will be trapped by the glazing & the profile to maintain a comfortable temperature. This will lead to lower energy bills, reducing your carbon footprint.

French Casement Skegness

Designed to Your Home

We appreciate that every Skegness home is different. That's why at WFS Anglia Ltd, we put our customer in the driving seat to pick the best window. You can choose from a range of colours, such as ‘White’, ‘Cream’, ‘Chartwell Green’, ‘Grey’, ‘Black’, ‘Irish Oak’, ‘Golden Oak’, ‘Rosewood’ and ‘Mahogany’.

By choosing the colour of your French Casement Windows, you can match it to other windows within your Skegness home. Other customisable features include the handle colour. You can choose from ‘White’, ‘Silver’, ‘Gold’, ‘Chrome’ and ‘Black’. These options allow the Lincolnshire homeowner to tailor their windows to their personal tastes and preferences.

21st-Century Security

As we use the market-leading Liniar profile for our French Casement Windows, the Skegness homeowner will enjoy the highest standard of security. The Liniar profile is multi-chambered and reinforced. Alongside the double glazing pane, it offers a high level of rigidity and strength. When combined with modern locks, you eliminate any potential weak spots that could be exploited.

The addition of the world-class, shootbolt locking systems from Yale in our French Casement Windows offers peace of mind to the Skegness homeowner. This market-leading lock offers an unrivalled level of home security. With these shootbolts installed, these uPVC windows have the best protection across the whole frame.

The Yale locking systems we offer in our French Casement Windows are accompanied by a 10-year mechanical guarantee and a £1,000 security guarantee. Should in the unlikely event something goes wrong with the lock, or if the lock is broken into, the Skegness homeowner will be covered. The £1,000 guarantee will go towards your home content insurance in the unlikely event of a break-in.

Weatherproof Design

Our French Casement Windows are the perfect replacement window for your Skegness home. Even after constant exposure to the changeable Lincolnshire weather, the uPVC profile retains its quality. These windows will never warp, bow, rot, twist, flake or discolour. The colour itself is imbued into the material so won't need repainting. The only maintenance that needs to be carried out is to give the profile an occasional wipe down with a damp cloth, maintaining the good-as-new look.

French Casement

French Casement Window Prices Skegness

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