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uPVC Back Doors Peterborough

A reliable uPVC back door can be the difference between a peace of mind and state of worry for your Peterborough home. Our uPVC back doors are not only cost-effective, they also utilise market-leading design to achieve unsurpassable standards of security, thermal efficiency, and weatherproofing.  Choose uPVC back doors from WFS Anglia Ltd today, and enjoy the benefits of what the best can bring.

Featuring the outstanding uPVC from Liniar, and the unbeatable locking system from Yale and a large number of design options, colours and customisable features, our uPVC back doors are sure to be the perfect choice for you. We’ll make sure our front doors are a reliable addition to your home, and an accurate reflection of your tastes.

We offer our efficient uPVC back doors throughout Peterborough, Cambridge, Northamptonshire, Lincolnshire, Buckinghamshire and Milton Keynes.

Features & Benefits

Quality Gaskets

To ensure ultimate weatherproofing, all of our front doors are fitted with high performance, double-action ‘bubble gaskets’. These maintain a tight weather seal, and ensure that your uPVC back door holds steadfast in the face of the elements.

Push Bar Option

In case of an emergency, a push bar is a unique option that will allow you to transform your uPVC back door into an efficient fire escape. The push bar will allow rapid exit from your home, whilst keeping your safety and security in mind.

Liniar Profile

Utilising a multi-chambered profile, our products uphold an exceptional standard of thermal efficiency. This design is intelligently constructed to trap in pockets of warm air, and greatly increase the heat retention of your home.

Universal Design

All of our uPVC back doors contain a universal rebate detail that allows us to include our whole selection of decorations. This ensures that you’ll always have access to the largest number of choices we can offer, and we’ll always have the right choice for you.

Secured by Yale

Secure your home with the world-class locking systems from Yale. These locks offer the highest standards of security available, and will ensure the safety of your property. They are also covered by various guarantees, for peace of mind.


Featuring a beautifully hand crafted aesthetic, all of our uPVC back doors are meticulously hand-crafted by expert craftsman. This ensures an exceptional level of build quality, and an appearance that benefits greatly from an attention to detail.

The Liniar uPVC Back Door

Thermal Efficiency

All of our uPVC back doors feature an innovative multi-chambered profile from Liniar. This is used to break-up mini convection, and ultimately lock in pockets of warm air. This means that the warmth from your heating will remain in your property for longer, which will result in you needing to put the heating on less. Our uPVC back doors will not only lower your heating bills, they will also allow you to cause a reduction in your carbon footprint.


High Security

To ensure a high level of inherent strength, the Liniar profile uses internal structures to achieve integrated reinforcement. This allows our uPVC back doors to achieve exceptional rigidity and robustness without the need for costly steel reinforcement. Get cost-effective, and innovative uPVC back doors with WFS Anglia Ltd, today.

uPVC Back Door Prices Peterborough

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