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Secure Composite Doors Skegness

Here at WFS Anglia, we offer a range of highly secure modern composite doors. These doors have been crafted using contemporary technology in order to offer the perfect blend of style, security and high performance. Because of this, our composite doors are becoming increasingly popular with homeowners in Skegness and the surrounding areas.

With a WFS Anglia composite door, you will never have to decide between style or performance. Our doors offer both! Their unique blend of materials ensures that each element has a specific property that your Skegness home will benefit. This may be better heat retention, weatherproofing or protection from the outside world. 

Our composite doors are made to exhibit traditional timber appeal. This is because we understand that timber front doors offer a certain type of charm, with their poor performance being the downfall. What’s more, they are extremely hard to maintain. Our composite doors are extremely low maintenance, making them extremely cost-effective. They can even be customised to match the style of your home.

Add style, security and high-performance benefits to your Skegness home today! Get in touch or start your free online quote now. 

Features & Benefits


While timber doors often need to be replaced after a few years, our composite doors are extremely durable. The blend of unique materials used to craft these doors ensures that your new installation will last a lifetime, no matter what it has to overcome.

Inherent Strength

A composite door is an extremely robust structure. It offers a strong physical barrier between your home and the outside world. Keep your family and belongings safe while they are inside your property with a WFS front door.


Our composite doors are entirely weatherproof. At WFS Anglia, we understand how unpredictable the British weather can be. This makes sure that no matter how wet and windy it gets, your home will stay warm and dry thanks to weathertight seals.

Minimal Maintenance

As mentioned, timber doors require frequent upkeep and maintenance. This is due to their tendency to warp, distort, crack and flake after exposure to wet weather. With a composite door, you will not have to worry about these problems. Once installed, a simple wipe down with a wet cloth will keep it looking brand new.

Yale Security

Our composite doors are entirely secure as standard. To take it a step further, they also feature world-renowned Yale locking mechanisms. These multipoint security systems ensure that the only way through your door is with the key. Protect what matters most, even when you aren’t there.


Choose a composite door that matches your Skegness property from WFS Anglia. Our doors are highly customisable and come in a range of different shades with optional glazing designs and additional hardware.

COMPOSITE DOORS prices Skegness

Smart Design

Composite doors feature a smart design. They were created by extremely clever designers in order to offer the highest levels of security. Their unique blend of uPVC, timber, insulating foam and glass reinforced plastic (GRP) makes them impenetrable. No other doors available on the market contain such a distinctive blend of materials.

Although security is one of the most important features that these composite doors offer, thermal efficiency should not be ignored. Many doors offer poor thermal performance. This can cause serious problems that you will quite literally pay for. Your home will retain less heat, causing you to keep the heating on for longer. Your bills will skyrocket! Our composite doors contain an insulated foam core. This core has been designed to retain heat, keeping your home warmer during even the coldest of months. Your heating bills will decrease saving you money!

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The Perfect Match

With a front door being such an important aspect of any home, we understand the importance for it to look good. It is the first thing anyone will notice when they visit, and first impressions count! Here at WFS Anglia, our composite doors come in a wide range of colours, finishes and styles for our loyal Skegness customers. We also offer a range of additional door hardware to create the perfect personalised finishing touches.

If you prefer the charming traditional style, we may recommend you opt for a woodgrain finish. Your modern composite door will look like timber while offering better performance over a longer period. If you want something modern and chic, you may be interested in our beautiful grey composite doors with sleek hardware. The options are endless!

Receive the full package with our incredible composite doors. Call us today for more information on our customisable options on 01733 559049.


Composite Door Prices, Skegness

If you are looking to transform your home, a new front door can make all the difference. Our composite doors are simply the only solution for homeowners looking to do this!

Receive your own personal quote using our online cost calculator. After designing your perfect door, you will receive a free quote tailored to your needs. Choose every detail right down to the colour from the safety of your own home. 

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