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uPVC Back Doors in Kings Lynn

Back doors that you can rely on give you peace of mind and help you to leave your anxieties behind. Our range is competitively priced, which is great as they provide outstanding performance through an industry leading design. They enhance security, improve thermal performance, keep the weather at bay and can even offer a level of soundproofing. If you’re searching for quality in Kings Lynn and the nearby areas, choose WFS Anglia today.

We have carefully sourced our back doors from industry leading uPVC specialists Liniar. Their uPVC door frame feature a unique locking system from Yale, which ensures your safety and security. Not only this but you will be able to customise these however you want for a completely bespoke design. These will be able to reflect your tastes. Reach out to us today to find out more information about our fantastic range of back doors.

Features & Benefits

Quality Gaskets

You want to make sure that you’re getting the best weatherproofing qualities in your home improvement products. Our back doors feature innovative ‘bubble gaskets’. These ensure that your property benefits from a weather tight seal that keeps the elements at bay.

Push Bar Option

Push bars are an ideal solution for those who may want a door that is quick and easy to exit in case of an emergency. However, these installations do not compromise on your safety or security. Reach out to us today for more information on push bars and their benefits.

Liniar Profile

Liniar are one of the leading manufacturer’s in the uPVC market. They utilise a multi-chambered profile that provides our back doors with extraordinary thermal performance. These are designed to trap the heat and stop it from escaping. This improves overall insulation.

Versatile Design

.Our back doors feature a universal rebate detail which gives us the ability to include our whole range of decorative features. This offers you the access to a wide range of decorative choices which we will be sure is right for you.

Yale Security

Benefit from a multipoint locking system by Yale. A household name in terms of security, Yale provides peace of mind when integrating their systems into products. They offer outstanding protection so that you and your family can relax fully with ease.

Hand Finished

Our back doors utilise a beautifully handcrafted aesthetic which is, in turn, hand-finished by professional craftsmen. This means that each profile is meticulously checked over for quality. Get exceptional attention to detail from our uPVC back doors.

Back Doors In Kings Lynn

Thermal Performance

All of our back doors utilise the multi-chambered profile from Liniar. This has been done so that you can feel warmer for longer in your property. These chambers work to trap hot air and stop it from escaping. Due to this, you will discover that having your heating on for as long is not needed.

Instead, you can switch it off and feel the effects of outstanding innovation. Our back doors may even see you benefit from a lower energy bill and a shrunken carbon footprint. Get in touch with us today for an eco-friendly solution to wasting energy.

Home Security

Security is vital for any home improvement installation. Why bother upgrading your back doors if they will not be able to protect you properly. Our installations don’t just look good. They perform well too. By using an innovative and creative build, these doors do not need steel reinforcement to be reliable, robust and durable. Any questions? Get in touch with WFS Anglia today!

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Eco-Friendly Back Doors

Our back doors aren’t just thermally efficient. They are also good for the environment because of the materials we have used. They can be recycled entirely, which is great for the environment. Not only will you be reducing your carbon footprint, but you will also be investing in a product that can be reused. This is once it reaches the end of its lifespan. Our back doors will not end up in a landfill.

Customise Your Design

Opt for back doors that reflect your personality. Choose from a wide selection of colour shades and finishes. We’re confident that you will be able to find a colour that suits your personality and matches your existing aesthetics.

You will also be able to decide the door furniture that will complement the visual appeal of the installation. Handles, hinges and locks can be customised for a complete design that will transform the rear of your house.

Back Door Prices, Kings Lynn

If you require a replacement back door, please reach out to us today! You can do this by filling out our online contact form. This will leave us a message that we will quickly and efficiently respond to.

You can also get a free online back doors quote from us by using our online cost calculator. This will construct a price for you based around your design specifications. We supply and install high-performance back doors for customers throughout Kings Lynn and the surrounding areas.

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